The veggie town of Gand

Gand (or Ghent, or Gent) is a town in northern Belgium. The official spoken language is Flemish, there are many blondes and many canals. Gand isn’t considered as important as other Belgian cities, perhaps because it is too close to the most famous and exalted Bruges (or Brugge, or Brügge).

Definitely underestimated in my opinion, Gand is worth a visit by boat or walking while drinking a hot chocolate on winter (I love Van Hoorebeke‘s chocolate) or a trappist beer on summer. You can lose yourself between the canals and the beautiful palaces of the Old Town, for example the famous row of the three towers formed by the Church of St. Nicholas, the Belfort Tower and the Cathedral of St. Bavon.

But most of all do you know that Gand is the vegetarian city of Flanders? Once a week, on Thursday, it’s all about vegetarians. It is a “milestone” of vegetarianism that has been reported throughout Europe and has apparently put the meat industry on the defensive. On Thursday vegetarian meals are served in the schools and public offices and in the restaurants of the city, which boasts 13 veggie places (an excellent number for a 250,000 inhabitants), in addition to all those who offer vegetarian dishes, reported by the tourist guide in distribution at tourist offices. Most vegetarian foods are organic and locally produce. The goal of the citizens of Ghent is to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through nutrition, relying on organic stores and organic restaurants such as Beo Versbar.

So a veggie girl like me certainly promotes Gand 😉 a small town where you can get lost in the beautiful medieval alleys, climb up the stairs of the Castle, go on a boat between the canals, enjoy the Festival of summer lights and taste the fabulous Belgian chocolate!

PS When you wander around the old town and exit the classic track, you will come across a monastery with a yellow statue. It’s a beautiful artistic installation of an angel with the antigas mask. At the moment I can not tell you much about this particular angel, I tried to ask but I have not yet solved the arcane …


The veggie town of Gand

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The veggie town of Gand

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