How to photograph yourself (and two dogs)

How to photograph yourself while traveling alone? One question that people often ask 🙂 and I have the aggravating circumstance that I take pictures of myself even with two dogs

Therefore, I have stumbled even in this Hamlet-like question, but it’s easy to solve. Easier than expected, if you take some precautions. 

I state that my photos are not going to win the Pulitzer Prize for photography, but they’re aimed to document the travels with my chihuahuas and to remind us what we have done and where we were. So here you will find just the tips on how to photograph yourself “decently”, especially when you also have two beasts to hold off while shooting and that will appear in the picture with you. For more professional advice on the lights, tripods, better camera and so on I suggest to ask to a serious photographer.

We start from a premise that I learned during the Pet Photography shots: I always keep a reward for the dogs. The prize can be a snack for dogs, or you can buy dried meat and cut it into small pieces for smaller prizes. 

There are basically three ways to photograph yourself, even with the presence of your beloved dogs:

  1. Self-timer: you can do both with your camera and with most phones on the market. The self-timer is easy to setup and you can specify the waiting seconds before shooting. I usually place the camera / phone at least two meters away from me, on a flat surface that is at eye level, so I have photos that seem taken by someone witch include me and the dogs and the landscape. Or you can use a tripod, but maybe it’s a bit bulky to carry around while traveling, perhaps better a portable tripod, there are several ones on the market. In the meantime, I will have already prepared the dogs (always use the prizes;))
  2. Selfies: are the fastest and most painless way to take photos by yourself. But also one in which the photos hardly come out well! Especially with a dog to be inserted in the frame… They are shot from too close, which often does not allow to frame well both us and the landscape also the selfie mode in some phones still has a lower quality than standard photos. A help, in this case, may come from the use of the stick for selfies that now literally sell in every corner of the world. The stick on which is positioned the device allows to increase the distance and, therefore, to have a better frame inclusive of everything, including dogs.
  3. Ask someone: sometimes I find people to ask to take me a picture. If you don’t trust to leave your phone or camera to people, you can look for a family, a couple, or the elderly, in short, people who inspire more confidence. If the person already has a better camera or a phone than yours, take advantage and make him/her take a picture with his/her device. Just provide your email to let them send you the picture. Since we don’t know what kind of knowledge have the other person who takes you the pics, it’s better to facilitate the task by doing a test of the frame before. The presence of another person may also be useful for dogs because he/she can attract with a whistle the attention of dogs, making sure that they look in the direction of the camera.

Don’t take too many times the same photo with your dogs, you don’t have to stress them. If the photo doesn’t succeed the first shots you can try a few hours later, rather, maybe from another angle.

I can’t let the Chihuahuas take pictures of me for obvious reasons: their paws are too short and then, let’s face it, they don’t even understand what’s a selfie! 🙂



How to photograph yourself (and two dogs)

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How to photograph yourself (and two dogs)

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