Fantastic beasts are traveling in cinema

We couldn’t forget about the dogs and other fantastic beasts who travel and live adventures in cinema movies, starting from Lassie, the parent of adventurous dogs, to get to the parents looking for Dalmatian puppies in “101 Dalmatians”or the equally famous Toto, dog of “The Wizard of Oz “, who travels in a magic world with Dorothy. Fantastic animals are not just those of J.K. Rowling’s books, transposed into the movie “Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them”, but also those fabulous beings who are around us and who have feelings and live adventures alone or in human friends’ company.

Here are some movies that cover the theme of traveling animals, to which we add, for each movie, tips on where to go: it’s good to take a bit of inspiration from the movies to travel with your four-legged friends!

A street cat named Bob: Let’s start with this recent movie whose protagonist is a cat, Bob, who literally saves life to a twenty-seven-year-old hiker with no hope. James lives in London’s popular housing, has problems with drugs, and plays in the streets. His life is dragged in this way until Bob comes in, a red cat wound that will become James’s shadow and will follow him everywhere, making him find hope in humanity. If you think that only dogs are faithful adventurous companions you will have to rewrite: even cats have a romantic soul!

Where to go? London, to turn around the streets of the famous English city and discover the world of street musicians.

Belle & Sebastian: The story of the little orphan and her beautiful giant dog Belle friend is transposed from cartoon to film. Their adventures between France and Spain to look for Sebastien’s mother populated my childhood dreams (I dreamed of traveling and living adventures). In 2014 Belle & Sebastian became a cult movie, so much to deserve a sequel on Christmas 2015: “Belle and Sebastien: the adventure continues.”

Where to go? The Pyrenees, between France and Spain, perhaps in the beautiful Pyrenees National Park.

Tracks: Once upon a time there was a girl who decided to cross the Australian desert in the company of her dog Diggity ​​and four camels. It’s not a fairy tale, but the true story of Robyn Davidson, who in the 1970s traveled on a long journey sponsored by National Geographic, an unprecedented enterprise, made even more interesting by the fact that it was a single woman with a dog to reach such a goal. I don’t spoil too much, but you’ll be moved by the love between Robyn and Diggity during the trip, among breathtaking scenery and adventures.

Where to go? A nice trip on the road around Australia, maybe in the Simpson Desert.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: I admit that I’m fond of this little breed of “hairy mice” who bark as much as they can and are often forced to wear ridiculous dresses for their owners’ joy. The protagonist of Beverly Hills Chihuahua is just like this: a posh american dog who will be forced to live adventures traveling to Mexico. The 2008 Disney movie had two sequels, bringing the fame of these micro-dogs to the apex and making them even less unpleasant and more adventurous!

Where to go? Mexico, perhaps in the huge and modern capital Mexico City.

Balto: Dogs in movies don’t travel only to have adventures with other animals or their human friend, but also because they have an important task to accomplish. The “Balto” animation film of 1995 brings us back to the adventure of a wolf-dog mix that will have to save his city from an epidemic that is destroying it. The plot of the film is inspired by the true story of a sled dog who participated in a 1925 relay race to deliver a medicine in Alaska from one city to another.

Where to go? The north, in Alaska. Always if you and your hairy friend can withstand the cold 😉

Homeward Bound, the incredible journey: The adventures of three pets, two dogs and one cat, which are left by their owners to the care of a family friend. The three four-legged friends flee and cross the Sierra Nevada mountain desperately looking for their family. The pets will have to pull out all their courage, forming a strong and friendly collaboration to survive thousands of dangers and wild beasts until they find their owners back home. A sequel to this 1993 movie was also made in 1996: “Homeward Bound, Lost in San Francisco”.

Where to go? Sierra Nevada, perhaps in the famous Yosemite National Park.

Buddies: A series of Disney movies released between 2006 and 2013 featuring five beautiful Golden Retriever puppies. The super-puppies, curious by nature and everyone with a well-defined personality, are always driven away in a thousand trouble and are transported to the Moon, Egypt, on snow and other adventures where they will learn to grow and affirm the values of brotherhood and friendship, despite all the adversity. Very Disney style!

Where to go? With the Disney Buddies everywhere!

 The Secret Life of Pets: the value of the alliance and the fear of abandonment. These are the two main themes of the animation movie Pets. Two enemy dogs who contend with the affection of a family, trying to take the lead and make the other dog escape. When they’ll end up in the streets of New York and will be captured by dogcatchers and other dangerous animals living in the sewers (founders of a group for abandoned animals), they will realize that alliance is the only way to save themselves and to be able to return back to their family.

Where to go? In the evergreen New York City where the film is set.

Benji: I have a tender heart, and I confess, I melt when I see these kind of movies where a hero dog saves someone. Benji escaped a shipwreck and found himself in a forest. Suddenly in front of his eyes, a puma is killed by a hunter and Benji finds her four puppies alone and helpless. The dog doesn’t feel like leaving the puppies and decides to find a new mother for the little ones, although this will mean losing the chance to find his human friend and go back home.

Where to go? The film was shot in Astoria, Oregon, in the United States. But I recommend visiting the ghost forest of Neskowin in Oregon, formed by the remains of an ancient Sitka forest.

Heart of a dog: A journey is not just what is done with the paws around the world and on means of transport. There are internal travels and journeys to a distant world after death. Heart of a dog is a film by Laurie Anderson, and it starts with the death of her beloved dog Lolabelle. This experimental film begins with personal research that blends together memories, video diaries, philosophical reflections on the journey of the director with her beloved Lolabelle: “Hello, bark head. I’ll love you forever”.

We also have to mention the series of films on Beethoven, the most famous dog in the world, including 7 sequels of the first 1992 film (the latest in 2014). Apparently it has been a great success!

And do you watch some movies on the couch with your dog or cat?

Today you can even go watching movies at cinemas with your four-legged friends. Infact in some cities, cinemas are also open to our pets and there are events dedicated to them, such as Oscar & Rupert in UK or the Dog Film Festival in the US. But I will talk about this topic soon…

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Fantastic beasts are traveling in cinema

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Fantastic beasts are traveling in cinema

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