Cats and Dogs cafes

cat and dog cafe

They are called cats or dogs cafes where you can find pets walking around the tables, the chairs and keeping company to customers of the bar.

The first cat cafes were born in Tokio, Japan (how could we doubt it?)

In Italy we know three cat cafes:

Neko Cafe and Miagola Cafe in Turin, two cool places where you can interact and cuddle the cute cats who are guests of the cafes.

Crazy Cat Cafe: the new born in Milan! We are very curious to try it.

In USA the cat and dog cafes are becoming very popular. There are some of them in LA, San Francisco, New York and all over the States. Here they are some examples:

The dog cafe of Los Angeles has the mission to let the customers see the real beauty of homeless dogs.

At Meouw Parlour in New York City you can go for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours where you can use our free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you.

Even the Nestlè brand for pets Purina openend last year the Cat cafe by Purina One in NYC

In France we went to the warm and cool Le Cafe des Chats in Paris. They have two locations: one in Marais and another one in Rue Sedaine.

There are more cats and dogs cafes to discover around the world. Let us know if you find them on your way!

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Cats and Dogs cafes

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Cats and Dogs cafes

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  1. Dave

    You should try Croatia – every bar and restaurant seems to have it’s own resident cats and dogs who do a really good job of hoovering up any scraps which may come their way! One particular restaurant on the island of Hvar, the three resident cats followed us home to our cottage in the hills and spent the next two weeks getting food and shelter.

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