Bernina train: the panoramic express with dogs

We crossed the Swiss border with the famous Bernina train: the scenic red train from Valtellina (Italy) to St Moritz (Switzerland). Dogs are allowed aboard the Bernina train, both on standard carriages on those panoramic. Here’s how it works 😉

If the dog is small in size and is brought into a pet carrier you don’t pay the ticket. If, instead, you decide to take the dog on a leash, you’ll pay half of the second-class ticket, even if traveling in the first, regardless of its size.

As we said our four-legged friends are welcome in both standard couches and panoramas ones. The Bernina train, in fact, can be regional and panoramic (Bernina Express or “Bex”). For schedules and information about the different coaches see here. We decided to use regional trains, because you can make beautiful pictures as well, you don’t pay supplements and train timetables seemed to be more suitable for us. The cost of the standard train, roundtrip, is 62 chf (Swiss francs).

Remind the dog’s documents: you cross the national border during the crossing by train and so it is appropriate to take with you all the documents (passport and health card in the first place). Bear in mind, also, that your dog counts to get the group discount (for example, 5 people + 1 dog enjoy the 20% discount)

Tirano is the starting station of the Bernina Express. It is located in Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio, Italy. We took a train from Milan which leads directly to Tirano in about two hours. We left on Saturday and we did a tour of the center of Tirano, reaching up to the medieval castle and the old town. Then we slept in a dog-friendly hotel and we left with the red train in the morning at 9. Soon a post dedicated to Tirano to tell you all about this “Valtellina Pearl” 😉

Along the 61 km of Tirano-St.Moritz railway are planned 21 stops passing in the Swiss mountains, and reaching a height of 2,000 meters. Many of these stations are available on request. It’s important to listen to announcements on the train stops and press in time the button next to the drop-down doors of the wagons, to take advantage of the stops on request. A similar yellow button is also located directly at the stops, close to the times tables.

St Moritz is the final stage of the Bernina train. A Swiss mountain town known primarily for winter sports and walking in the sunny old town and the small lake. It’s a cosmopolitan resort to ski, relax, shopping (if you have enough money to buy in the boutiques of the center) and enjoy the peace of the mountains. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it for the food (expensive and not exciting) and if you are among those adventurers or travelers interested in art, because it is expensive and in my opinion there is not much to visit.


  • You are allowed to get off during the journey on the Bernina Train and go up again with the same ticket.
  • The Bernina Express scenic trains require a supplement of chf 10 each way. Unlike regional trains you can’t go down into intermediate steps, because otherwise you must re-pay the extra.
  • On regional trains, in some periods of the year, they add panorama couches. It isn’t the “Bex” classic entirely made up of coaches with domed windows, but there’s as well the opportunity to travel on couches with large windows like those of Bex at an additional cost of chf 5.00 per way.
  • If you have some remnant of Swiss coins you can take them with you to use them in various stages after the border.
  • The starting swiss station of the train Bernina (Rhaetian Railroad) is located practically next to Trenord station of Tirano.
  • From Tirano the first stations in which stops the Bernina train are very pretty, but not very interesting for wide level and paths. Our favorite stops were Alp Grüm, with the breathtaking scenery from the mountains and Ospizio Bernina, with the lake, the trails and glaciers.
  • If you want to save money we recommend buying food and drink from Tirano before departure, so as to avoid the “massacre” in Switzerland, where you don’t find the great restaurants and typical food.
  • We recommend the train of 7:40 or at most that of 9. So you can do several stops along the way and take the following train (an hour or two after).
  • If you travel in autumn or winter cover yourself in layers and bring a sweater or jacket for the dog (the temperatures tend to drop as you get to an altitude of 2000 meters, while on the train there’s hot air)


bernina train

bernina treno

Bernina express

bernina dogs

Bernina train: the panoramic express with dogs

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Bernina train: the panoramic express with dogs

Valtellina with dogs: Tirano

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