10 Dog friendly museums in Europe

dog friendly museums

Unfortunately dogs are still not allowed in almost every museum of Europe. Almost, I said! Here it is a list of ten dog friendly museums we found. We promise to keep you updated as we visit other dog friendly museums in Europe. Have fun in the meantime with your best friend in these cultural exhibitions in the old continent! We visited almost all of them:

Milan, (Italy) Hangar Bicocca – It’s a huge contemporary art museum in Milan, with different exhibitions by international living artist. Dogs are allowed everywhere inside the museum, included the bar.

Turin, (Italy) Museo del Cinema – The most important, scenographic and interesting museum of cinema in Italy. Dogs are allowed if they are carried in a bag or backpack. They are not allowed in the panoramic lift.

Mondragone, Caserta (Italy) Foof – The first museum in Italy, and maybe Europe, completely dedicated to dogs. The museum was created to redevelop a refuge for abandoned dogs and promote the adoption of its guests. Now it hosts a museum, a big park and a refuge. Dogs allowed, of course!

Seville, (Spain) Delimbo – This cool place is a gallery of contemporary and street art. It represents some spanish and international living artists. The goal of the curators is to encourage the collecting of street art. Dogs are allowed in all the gallery.

Zagreb, (Croatia) Museum of Broken relationships – The concept of this museum is to exhibit the failed relationships and their concequences in an innovative way and to offer a chance to contribute to the museum’s collection. Dogs allowed in the museum and in the cafè.

Chenonceaux, Loire Valley, (France) Castle of Chenonceau – One of the most elegant and charming Castles of the Loire Valley is also dog friendly. You can walk around the beautiful gardens and inside the rooms of the castle with your four legged friend.

Amboise, Loire Valley (France) Castle of Clos Lucé – The last residence of Leonardo Da Vinci. You can visit the rooms and also give a look to some scientific inventions of this tuscan genius. Some works are displayed in the gardens. Dogs must be carried inside the house and kept on a lead in the Parc.

Keswick, (UK) Cumberland Pencil Museum – It is home to the biggest colouring pencil in the world and to 500 years of history of this humble object: the pencil. There are many workshops with artists, painters and a work space for kids. All dogs are welcome in both the museum and shop.

Matlock, (UK) Crich Tramway village – A funny museum which is more like a tour: it takes you on a scenic journey through a period street to open countryside with panoramic views. It houses the largest collection of vintage trams in Britain. Dogs can go everywhere except any catering establishments and children’s indoor play area.

Dorchester (UK) The Dinosaur Museum – One of the most appreciated museums by children from Britain. The museum combines life-sized reconstructions of dinosaurs with fossils and dinosaur skeletons to create an exciting hands-on experience. Dogs are welcome in the museum if they are well-mannered.

To sum up the situation in Europe we can say that there are more dog friendly museums and cultural sites in small communities than in large cities, but in some museums, especially in France and Germany you can ask the cloakroom and reception to take care of your dog while you visit the exhibition.

When we say that dogs are welcome, it means always kept on leads, unless otherwise specified.

The best way to know if your dog is welcome is to ask first by email or phone to the museum, otherwise you can ask if they have a dog-sitter service.

Thanks to the sites SrPerro and Visit Dorset.

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10 Dog friendly museums in Europe

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10 Dog friendly museums in Europe

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  1. Roberta Calabretta

    Ciao! Molto interessante la tua lista, ho preso nota visto che sto pensando di fare un viaggio tra i castelli della Loira!
    Ti aggiungo un paio di musei dove siamo stati con il nostro cane:
    – La casa di Raffaello a Urbino, cane in trasportino o in braccio al primo piano, per il resto al guinzaglio.
    – Museo dell’auto ad Hockenheim, in Germania, Sia sulla pista che nel museo il cane può entrare ma sempre al guinzaglio ovviamente.
    Noi siamo alla continua ricerca di questi posti, speriamo di scoprirne sempre di nuovi!

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